Jupe Cascade

Megan Nielsen

Que vous dire de plus sur cette jupe Cascade que je n’ai pas encore dit dans mon dernier podcast. Super agréable à porter, légère, avec une allure folle ! Il n’y a pas à dire, je me sens bien, j’ai même envie d’aller plus loin, je me sens belle dans cette jupe ! Je ne […]

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Capsule Bidon #MeMadeMaternity

Grossesse Compatible

Il est temps pour moi de vous dévoiler mes choix de patrons pour cette capsule #memadematernity. J’ai fait une sélection de patron bien précise pour répondre au besoin de ma nouvelle silhouette et je vous la partage aujourd’hui. J’ai déjà commencé à la coudre et cette nouvelle année me donne une énergie créative très stimulante, […]

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Robe Frida version Bidon

Make My Lemonade

Je dois avouer que je suis une grande fan de l’univers Make My Lemonade, et j’avais repéré cette robe Frida depuis un bon moment déjà. Je l’avais même trouvé gratuitement en pdf  sur leur blog mais pour une raison que je ne m’explique pas, je ne m’étais pas décidée. Puis, j’ai reçu le hors série […]

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Hack La Mode #3 : La Robe Alma

Louis Antoinette

Chaque année, la marque de patron Louis Antoinette Paris organise un concours ouvert à tous appelé : Hack La Mode. J’aime beaucoup le principe ! Ils mettent à disposition un patron de leur prochaine collection gratuitement et le but est de se l’approprier de toutes les manières possible : Patronage, choix des tissus, de la […]

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2016 Realisations

Non classé

Promises are made to be kept ! Here are the photos of the shooting of my 2016 realisations. For the French speakers, I recorded a first podcast where you can glimpse some of the photo below. I explained the process over last year and how I made the garments. I’m not ready yet to record in […]

16 February 2017

Kylie On Stage


I have to say, I’ve never been a big fan of Kylie Minogue. To be honest, the only thing I can recalled from her, is a glitter shiny skinny short, dancing on a bar with hot guys around… I believe the song was Spinning Around back in 2000 ( Jez I’m old) … I knew […]

27 January 2017

Capsule Wardrobe – First Step


Let’s talk today about Capsule Wardrobe. I find this concept really fascinating. I don’t know if you heard about it but, it’s quiet simple and can help to get organised with yourself. Kind of life saver trick. It’s also a good way to re-think your wardrobe differently than what’s gonna be my next purchase. I […]

9 April 2016

Sew and the City – Pilot


You know what, screw you March ! It’s time for us to talk about my new resolution for this year 2016 : No shopping anymore ! I’m serious, nothing AT ALL. This year, I’ll sew my own clothes ! I thought this was a quiet important news to share with you as I think this […]

24 March 2016

LA 2014

Martine Travels

Is Happiness boring ? I guess so, I mean…. not really inspiring certainly. Unknown John L. used to say : “life is what happen while you’re making plans” Well, dude, Life’s going fucking fast now. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I’m officially “work active”. No more begging for getting paid. I got […]

10 March 2016

2 years … Who’d know ?!

Sorry my French

Well, well, well. This is the day. 2 years ago was my first day in Australia and here I am, still in this country without being back to my country since. And this also the day, I decided to start blogging again and this time for good ! Happy Ozversary Sophie ! 2 years, who […]

6 September 2015

The Grampians National Park

Martine Travels

Before talking about my week-end to The Grampians National Park, let’s chat about life ! Time might be tough… alright, maybe too much dramatic to start a post, specially when it’s just to describe how I run after time at the moment… I miss my sleep, I miss my days doing nothing and waiting for something […]

6 July 2015

Sponsorship : The Golden Ticket

Sorry my French

It’s been a while since I wrote a post. I wanted to have something very special to write. I wanted to know more about my future, and a possible sponsorship. I was waiting someones to tell me if they want me to stay or if I should go back to my past. So I waited, […]

21 July 2014

True job, Maturity and Nail Polish chipping


I should start this post differently but you know time made things change and even if I still want to speak about the «true job», I just want to start with another subject: Maturity. That’s a word I hear a lot here. I’m wondering if the aussie people use it differently than me ? Last […]

23 June 2014

Report of 9 months in Australia

Sorry my French

Things change. People change. When I have a look to my last 9 months in Australia, I realise how much I changed and how I’m not the same person anymore. 9 months in Australia, 3 months left before a possible go back home. I still don’t know if I could stay here after August. My work […]

9 June 2014